Shinkansen Train

Improving train design by gaining insights from the design of birds

Ideas can often come from observing success in other areas - including in nature. Drawing on inspiration from the anatomic design of birds, designers were able to redesign Japanese bullet trains to eliminate the sonic boom when they exited tunnels, and further increase their speed and efficiency.


The Ocean Cleanup

Cleaning up the plastic from our oceans

Major problems do not necessarily require complex solutions. This video explains the technology that is proposed to be used to remove half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in just five years.


Transformation of wetlands in Peru

A Japanese PhD student used his research idea and successfully cleaned the highly polluted El Cascajo Lake in Peru. He now wants to use his idea to clean Peru’s biggest lake, Lake Titicaca.


Children reading at night in Myanmar

Providing electricity to poor communities

Ideas that improve the lives of others can be as simple as providing the basic things we take for granted.  This site shows how a range of social enterprises are finding ways to mass produce simple and sustainable lighting alternatives.


Nomes for Hope conceptual image

Housing for the homeless

Often what is required is for us to approach a problem from a different perspective. In this video architecture students explore and develop housing solutions for the homeless.


Orange Sky Laundry

Free mobile laundry for the homeless

Great ideas often start with simple concepts. Two young Australians had a simple idea to improve the lives of homeless people - a free mobile laundry, an initiative they call Orange Sky Laundry. They started out with a washer and dryer in the back of an old van they had.